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Sunday, 22 July 2007


Pepe Choong - New Zealand Chinese Women: A Hyphenated Identity of East and West. Time Frame of late 30s to 50s - (March 2003)


A personal note:

Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for your kind comments and offer to post my research essay on your website. It was more a case my hoping that my research essay would be helpful to other students out there because your website was most helpful when I was working on my thesis. I am enclosing the Abstract of my thesis for your interest. <snip> Often we work long hours on our research and after it is printed it stays on library shelves collecting dust.

I was born in Malaysia but became naturalized in 1989. I graduated with a B.A Hons in English from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1984. After some 20 odd years, I decided to go back to University ( only fools do it a second time) and finished my B.A. Hons at Massey University. ( English ) but decided to write my thesis ( M.A.) at Auckland University, School of Asian Studies on identity enquiries and how culture is perpetuated from one generation to the next. I suppose to be honest, it wasn't until I became a mother that I realized unless I did daughter would grow up not appreciating her Chinese heritage. I confess, I was more Western than Eastern in some ways as a teenager in ideological thoughts and attitude but the xenophobia of the 90s has stirred feelings of Chineseness that made me weep at times....I am finally comfortable with who I am and working on my thesis was very satisfying for me personally. It was really for my daughter and other mothers and daughters out there who inevitably struggle with generational conflicts etc ...I think knowing who we are and what our values are, choosing what we want to preserve from our culture is important and finding the balance between east and west. My thesis is dedicated to all New Zealand Chinese women and my daughter.

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