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Written by Lachlan   
Sunday, 22 July 2007

Chinese Voice

31 July 1997 issue

Crayfish Macrena

After Monday’s Morning Report coverage of Dancing Crayfish on the menu of a trendy Auckland restaurant, you too will be dying to try out this new culinary delight. Said to consist of rice and noodles stuffed in the tail of LIVE crayfish, the dish no doubt has aphrodisiac properties for Asians (and others?) and could give the word "fresh" a whole new meaning. Why else would people now risk 3 months gaol and/or $10,000 fine so soon after their last election. It would best be served with freshly hooked trout or tuna or with fresh oysters straight from their shell. May as well hang for a crustacean as for a mollusc!


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