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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Chinese Voice

23 July 1998 issue

Linda Tseng Fashions for Bumnote

Linda Tseng with some legs

Linda Tseng, 19, right, putting the finishing touches to the costumes she styled, designed and made for Bumnote, one of the four plays being staged by the Young & Hungry Youth Arts Trust.

Linda, who emigrated with her family from Taiwan 9 years ago, is a fashion design student at Polytechnic, and won the Young Designers Award for leisurewear in 1995. Already supplying local boutiques, she plans to launch a collection under her own label very soon. Watch out Donatella! Young & Hungry Festival of Plays ’98, Bats Theatre,22 July - 15 August.

 Shanghai Quartet

From Mao to Mozart and then onto Wellington. The Shanghai Quartet comes to town to play classics from Mozart, Haydn, Smetana and others, as well as The Song of the Ch’in and Poems from Tang, modern pieces by Zhou Long.

With brothers Li Weigang and Li Honggang as first violin and viola respectively, and more recently adding a contemporary Jiang Yiwen as second violin and James Wilson cello, the Shanghai Quartet have garnered many prizes since its formation in 1983.

Chinese lovers of classical music, (and others) will have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether post-graduate studies at the Northern Illinois University, and subsequent exposure to the international concert circuit have erased the effects of years of bashing out revolutionary tunes for the People’s Liberation Army Orchestra during and after the Cultural Revolution. Wellington Town Hall 28 July.

 Chinese Films at Festival

An eclectic collection illustrating the range of interests and concerns of contemporary Chinese directors.

To Get Rich is Glorious. Scion of multi-millionaire family with connections in Beijing forsakes financial high life in HK post 1997 Chinese takeaway, to retrace, with New York investment banker, his father’s journey 50 years ago from China’s decaying western interior to prove…..

Too Many Ways to be No. 1. Hyperactive HK triad gangster shoot-em-up influencing and influenced by Tarantino.

Xiao Wu. Mainland pickpocket loser in Shanxi crucified by circumstances.

Xiu Xiu:The sent down girl. Xiu Xiu, sent to Tibet to learn horse breeding during the Cultural Revolution, is repeatedly screwed and abandoned, but finds meaning in life with Tibetan herdsman horse trainer.

Times and venues in Film Festival Programme.

Winston, the anti-racist?

Winston Peters, is not a happy man. Having got the job of deputy-Prime Minister and Treasurer at least in part by playing the race card against Asians in New Zealand, his grand schemes for NZ First have been de-railed by its Maori wing playing the race card against him. It must hurt Peters to be characterised by Tau Henare as elegant and effete or not requiring the leg-room in First Class, and by editorials as "vertically challenged" especially when he is trying to cope with an economic crisis beyond NZ’s control. Asians could sit back and gloat at his plight and it would be funny except that it’s so serious. Losing sight of the ball during the Asian crisis could cost us all dearly.

During the election campaign Peters accused Asian immigrants, especially in Howick, of not contributing to NZ society, advocated a limit on immigration and railed against sale of land and assets to foreign investors. In office Peters cosies up to Asian governments, is casting about (for immigrants?) to bring in the billions needed to reverse the balance of payments deficit, and has approved land sales and actively seeks foreign investments. Expediency perhaps. But Peters has also distanced NZ First from Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party of Australia, and staked everything on slapping down the "tight five" who collectively favour extremes of affirmative action and separate development with attitude. So are we now to believe that Peters is NOT racist? For now, all we can say is that at best he is inconsistent, at worst an opportunist who will do anything to get and keep power.

Just as Peters insists that the "tight five" do more than express their willingness to get back into the NZ First tent, so Asians New Zealanders will expect Peters to do more than gloss over his past anti-Asian stance before being accepted as a deputy-Prime Minister and Treasurer trying to do a job seriously and deserving their trust.

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