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Written by Steven Young   
Monday, 27 August 2007



by Lynda Chanwai-Earle 


Twin 21,000 Shaft Horsepower, Sulzer Diesels, 20,352, tonnes, 19,872 GRT, 1986, the Lermontov can accommodate 550 passengers, a crew of 300, gotta fixit, Hapag-Lloyd's Bremerhaven shipyard, rebuilding, metal dust got into left eye, sore for days, ventilation shaft's a real bitch in Russian, 176 metres long, where is that crescent? Zero one hundred hours depart Wellington for Picton, fifteen hundred and ten hours Captain Don Jamison pilots ship, Sixteen hundred and thirty-five hours, Captain Vladislav Vorobyov retires to his cabin, notified seventeen hundred hours, does not reappear, playing chess in the engine room, the bulkheads covered in naked women, traveled 41 days, around Asia, Chinese women rumored to have cunts that are sideways,  Anton and the mates eating borsch, Jamison steers 40 degrees true North, fat Aussie tourists sure know how to have a good time, 'Island Nights' in the Bolshoi Lounge,  love the Cossack dancing mate, Spicheeba!  - you're welcome, Seventeen hundred and thirty-four hours too late, Cape Jackson, never been there, reckoned it was a spy ship, 20 knots full throttle, satellites and KGB only a rumour, February 16, 15 knots l'ward, never piss into the wind says Anton, Jamison orders 'port 10 degrees, second mate Sergey Gusev freaks out, starboard side's grinding, Aussie beer tastes like urine, screaming "... it's just forward amidships, a great fucking hole", woman notices;




in slow motion ...

Thinking; it's my last try to save the marriage ... too late to save the ship ... saltwater like concrete ... a freezing hard wall ... slamming into metal ... winded, thinking 2 years at sea ... 2 soft pink nipples ... 2 year old son ... blackness ... heart does double beat ... 2 soft baby feet fit in the palms of my hand ... made from my loins, her soft cunt smells amazing ... one last breath ...




... Always loved Svetlana in that aqua dress.



published in 'A Heady Brew' Inkweed Press 2005

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