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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

1.1 Programme of Conference
1.2 Editors’ Foreword

1.1 Programme of Conference

ASCDAPI Programme Friday 20th Registration at Otago Museum

8.45am Welcome and Notices

9-10.45am Chair: Kee Pookong. Hutton Theatre

Henry Chan 'Rethinking the Chinese Diasporic Identity: Citizenship, Cultural Identity, and the Chinese in Australia'

Wong Liu Shueng 'The Changing Face of Chineseness'

Hong Xiao 'Language Maintenance among the Chinese in Christchurch’

Morning tea

11.15-1pm Chair Henry Chan. Hutton Theatre

Group 1

Nigel Murphy 'Legal restrictions on Chinese New Zealanders 1871-1997 and their

impact on Chinese life'

Sik Hung Ng' Intergenerational Relations in the Wellington Chinese Community'

Julia Martinez' A New Generation: "Modern" young Chinese in the 1920s, Port Darwin'


Chair: Elizabeth Teather. Museum Lecture Room

Adam Lam 'From "Chinese Overseas" to "Chinese Migrants" - A Metaphorical

Reading of Internationalisation of Contemporary Chinese Film'

Margery Blackman 'China's Silk Heritage in the Otago Museum’

Robin Kingsley-Smith 'Asia Dynamic - An Ethnic Minority Television Programme'


2-3.3Opm Chair: Jim Ng. Hutton Theatre

Jenny Lee 'My Chinese - Maori Heritage'

Mike Smith and Annett Sykes 'Maori Perceptions of Chinese'

Regina Ganter ‘Chinese-Aboriginal Relations in North Australia'

Afternoon tea

4-4.45pm Chair: Bill Willmott. Hutton Theatre

Group 1

Pansy Wong 'Experiences of the first Chinese MP in New Zealand'

Lily Lee' The ESOL provision for Chinese students in schools'

Paul MacGregor 'Searching for the History of Melbourne's Chinatown'

Group 2 Chair: Manying Ip. Museum Lecture Room

Jenny Alloo 'Dispersing obscurity; the Alloo Family from Australia to New Zealand, from 1868’

Michael Lowe 'Kum Lee, Exile from an Exiled Place'

Lynette Shum ‘Haining St., Wellington's Chinatown'

Saturday 21st

8am Registration at Otago Museum

8.45am Welcome and Notices

9-1O.45am Chair: Andrew Trlin. Hutton Theatre

Jim Ng 'Social Differences between Kiwi-Chinese and Chinese newcomers'

Anne Henderson 'New Chinese - changing characteristics: a New Settlers programme Profile'

Elsie Ho 'Integrating Dual Identities: The experience of New Chinese New Zealanders’

Morning tea

11.15-1pm Chair Brian Moloughney. Hutton Theatre

Group 1

Steven Young 'Chinese in a Bicultural New Zealand’

Sylvia Yuan 'The Implication of multicultural citizenship for New Zealand Chinese'

Andrew Trlin 'Consequences and Implications of Unemployment Among New

Zealand Chinese Arrivals: A Report from the New Settlers Programme'

Group 2 Chair: Adam Lam. Museum Lecture Room

Jo Groom 'How the Family of Pan Thomas Ah Shin Became Settlers rather than Sojourners'

Yvonne Wilkie and Don Cochrane 'The Chinese Archives in the Hewitson Library'

Nigel Murphy 'Researching Chinese New Zealanders - some guidelines and sources'


2-3.3Opm Chair: S. H. Ng. Hutton Theatre

Group 1

Esther Fung 'The history and future of the New Zealand Chinese Association'

Allen Liang ‘The Chinese Medical Association in New Zealand'

Manying Ip 'Chinese New Zealanders in War Service: from Gallipoli to World War Two'

Group 2 Chair: Paul MacGregor. Museum Lecture Room

Elizabeth Teather 'Transition and Change in Chinese Burial Customs: New Forms in the Landscape'

Doris Jones 'Taking the mystery out of Chinese Graves design'

Leslie Wong 'Restoring old Chinese headstones in the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin'

Afternoon tea

4-5.3Opm Chair: Brian Moloughney. Hutton Theatre

Group 1

Prof. Kee Pookong 'Chinese Australians at the turn of the century. Insights from the 1996 census'

Prof. Bill Willmott 'The History of Chinese in Vanuatu (New Hebrides)'

Peter Petchy 'The Archeology of Chinese Miners at Macraes, East Otago'

Group 2 Chair: Jim Ng. Museum Lecture Room

Virgina Chong 'Experiences as a Community Board member of Auckland City'

Wailin Elliot 'A Potter's life'

Allen Liang 'Traditional Chinese Medicine-Quo Vadis'

Friday after City Tour, the New Dynasty Restaurant, George Street.

Saturday after Conference, the New Dynasty Restaurant, George Street.

Sunday - Goldfields Tour, leaving from Otago Museum.

1.2 Editors’ Foreword

The Association for the Study of the Chinese and their Descendants in Australasia and the Pacific Islands (ASCDAPI) and the History Department of the University of Otago jointly held a conference in Dunedin, New Zealand in November, 1998.

The theme was 'Chinese in Australiasia and the Pacific: Old and New Migrations and Cultural Change'. The speakers included both academic and non-academic researchers, a mix which has proven successful in ASCDAPI conferences in Australia.

There were 39 papers presented. This Dunedin Conference brought together much of the present New Zealand work and knowledge on this country's Chinese residents, complemented by the subjects of the Australian speakers and Bill Willmott's paper on Vanuatu. As a result, alternating ASCDAPI conferences may eventuate in Australia and New Zealand.

We are pleased to present 28 of the conference papers.

Brian Moloughney,
History Department, University of Otago.

James Ng, ASCDAPI Committee.

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