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Sunday, 22 July 2007

People : Steven Young

I first became involved in 1975 when one part of the Chinese community decided to build a new sports facility in Wellington, (partly as a response to the construction of new church by another part), and I was roped into being the "honorary" (ie unpaid) engineer responsible for carrying out the structural engineering design.

I stayed on as a member of the Committee, and when the then-secretary left for greener fields overseas in 1982, I was asked to take over, being also responsible for club's newsletter. The Centre, then, as now, was mainly interested in sport, somewhat in culture and not at all in developments and structural changes within the local Chinese community at a time when the Chinese population in NZ doubled in less than 10 years through immigration. The newsletter containing my dissertation on this subject was banned.

Around 1985 , the then-moribund Wellington Chinese Association was undergoing a renaissance and I was invited to join. Through some confusion, I became President in 1987 and then got elected for a couple of years to the Executive of the NZ Chinese Association at a time of great constitutional crisis when a pre-war coterie was gasping its last.

(In the middle of this I took up a personal official invitation to tour China 1987-1988; in 1990 I led a NZCA delegation invited to Guangdong.)

I thought it more productive to return to the local Association to contribute on its newsletter - which blossomed when lovingly cared and fed by a group of like-minded friends. It was then ring-barked by philistines, fabricating some conflict-of-interest theory relating to our contemporaneous work in City Voice - to which we transferred our energies.

Being least active in the team I was invited to hold the fort at Chinese Voice when battle fatigue overcame the others.

When the foundimg Editor of City Voice resigned, the newspaper soon died, and with it. Chinese Voice.

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