Brian O'Flaherty says he doesn't understand what the Chinese are on about, agonising about their identity for three years.



How comfy are you in your own skin?

By Brian O’Flaherty

iBall 10 September 2007


In fact, he says



It's time we got real with one another

By Brian O’Flaherty

iBall 24 September 2007



James Liu gives him an academic answer:


Don’t Slip on a Banana Skin:

A Reply to Brian O’Flaherty’s “Kiwi View” of the Bananas Conference

James Liu

iBall 9 October 2007




Tzeming gives him a less academic answer in her:



Letter to the Editor

iBall 9 October 2007











North & South magazine published an article entitled Asian Angst: Time to send some back? by Deborah Coddington, November 2006.




This provoked a furious Letter of Complaint to the editor of North & South penned by Tze Ming Mok and signed by many Asian community leaders and supporters. The letter itself almost qualifies as literature. Boys and girls: if you want to write a letter of complaint about an article, this is how to do it!




The Moulding of the Silent Immigrants: New Zealand Born Chinese (NZBC)

Wong Liu Shueng May 2002

Ching Chong Chinamen: When Friends Become Strangers

Helene Wong September 1995



Images, Identity and the Media

Helene Wong 1998




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