Chinese in Australasia and the Pacific

‘Chinese in Australasia and the Pacific: Old and New Migrations and Cultural Change’
Conference for the study of Overseas Chinese
Hutton Lecture Theatre 20-21 November 1998
New Zealand Conference of ASCDAPI
Association for the Study of Chinese and their Descendants in Australasia and the Pacific Islands
(President: Kee Pookong)
Dept. of History
The University of Otago
Te Whare Wananga o Otago
(Representative: Brian Moloughney)

Editors: Brian Moloughney and Jim Ng


Section One: Introduction

1.1 Programme of Conference
1.2 Editors’ Foreword Brian Moloughney, James Ng

Section Two: Identity and Culture

2.1 Rethinking the Chinese Diasporic Identity: Citizenship, Cultural Identity, and the Chinese in Australia Henry Chan
2.2 Social Differences between Kiwi-Chinese and Chinese Newcomers Dr James Ng
2.3 The Changing Face of Chineseness Wong Liu Shueng
2.4 The Chinese in a Bicultural New Zealand The way forward Steven Young
2.5 The Implication of multicultural citizenship for New Zealand Chinese Sylvia Yang Yuan

Section Three: New Settlers

3.1 New Chinese - Changing Characteristics: A New Settlers Programme Profile Anne Henderson and Andrew Trlin
3.2 Integrating Dual Identities: The Experience of New Chinese New Zealanders Elsie Ho, Yunn-Ya Chen and Richard Bedford
3.3 From "Chinese Overseas" to" Chinese Migrants" Adam Lam
3.4 Chinese Archaeology at Macraes Flat P.G. Petchey
3.5 Chinese Australians at the Turn of the Century: Insights from the 1996 Census Kee Pookong
3.6 The Effects and Implications of Unemployment Among New Chinese Arrivals: A Report from the New Settlers Programme Andrew Trlin and Anne Henderson

Section Four: Graves

4.1 Chinese Graves and Gravemakers in Hong Kong Chun-shing Chow and Elizabeth Kenworthy Teather
4.2 Chinese Grave Design In Rookwood: The Mystery Explained Doris Yau-chong Jones
4.3 Homes for the Ancestors: establishing new traditions of burial through the provision of columbaria in Hong Kong Elizabeth Kenworthy Teather
4.4 Restoring Old Chinese Headstones in the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin. Leslie Wong

Section Five: Earlier Chinese

5.1 Dispersing Obscurity: The Alloo Family From Australia to New Zealand from 1868. 172 Jenny Alloo
5.2 How the Family of Pan Thomas Ah Shin Became Settlers Rather than Sojourners Jocelyn Groom
5.3 A new generation: 'Modern' young Chinese in the 1920s. Julia Martinez
5.4 Legal Restrictions on Chinese New Zealanders 1871-1997 Nigel Murphy

Section Six: General

6.1 China’s Silk Heritage in the Otago Museum Marjery Blackman
6.2 A Potters Life Wailin Wong Elliot
6.3 The New Zealand Chinese Association (Inc.) Author: Esther Fung
6.4 A Brief Overview of ESOL Resourcing in New Zealand Schools and some Observations on Chinese Students Lily Lee
6.5 The Chinese Medical Association Allen Liang
6.6 Researching Chinese New Zealand Individuals and their Families – Some Guidelines and Sources. Nigel Murphy
6.7 Asia Dynamic: An Ethnic minority Television Programme Robin Kingsley-Smith
6.8 Early History of the Chinese in Vanuatu 1844-1944 Bill Willmott
6.9 Experience of the First Chinese MP in New Zealand Pansy Wong

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